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Water Prisms...The Magic of Dancing Rainbows

Glass Prisms Handcrafted
Since 1981 By
Nancy and Jon Couch
Placitas, New Mexico
Rainbows fill the lives of Nancy and Jon Couch

Star of David Water Prism

Buy large prisms in a variety of glass prism styles, shapes and sizes.

We create 3 dimensional glass prisms to hold water, changing ordinary sunlight into brilliant dancing rainbows of color. From simple to elegant, we make Diamond prisms, Pendant prisms, Gem prisms, Orb prisms, Star of David prisms, the Starship prism and more. All our Water Prisms have a hinged door at the top, so that they can be cleaned and re-filled with water!

Learn about
Feng Shui Products,
Prisms work well with your home decor and are frequently used to improve energy flow in your home as well as one's own energy.
Rainbow light in your home has long been known to create excellent feng shui.

Our Water Prisms will shower you with brilliant Rainbows everyday of the year.

We have specialized in making Water Prisms for the last 33 years. We have the widest assortment of complex and unique prism styles available and have been selling our Water Prisms world wide to the delight of many people. The perfect gift or just to add color to your home.



Rainbows by the Handful

Imagine...Rainbows Flashing Across Your

ceiling, streaking your floor and walls with deep
purples and glowing blues, cascading across the furniture to lay in a pool of amethyst, emerald greens, fiery oranges, yellows and ruby red on your floor. Where rainbows overlap
new colors are created, then changed again as the rainbows move around the room.

The Incredibly Large Rainbows
are produced by Water Prisms, 3-dimensional glass prism sculptures
that you fill with water,
making them act like solid true glass prisms and refracting sunlight. Water is a different density than air, and because of this, it slows down the white light from the sun and bends into beautiful full spectrum rainbows.

Brilliant Rainbows from Water Prisms

The Starship has 4 crstals that comw together in the center and makes some of the best rainbows.

Hanging In A Sunny Window,
they act like glowing prism crystals.
Water Prisms will also reflect things around them, much like mirrors in a periscope. Surrounding images appear inside a Water Prism with a multi-colored rainbow aura, making it glow with your own energy. 

During the full moon, the moonlight will create moonbows
that fill your room with pastel-like colors that twinkle like stars.

Our  Water Prisms Are All Handmade using stained glass techniques. We cut the glass, apply copper foil, and solder the facets together to create each glass prism shape. We wax and polish each prism to keep them from tarnishing.

All of our Prisms have tiny glass doors
which are hinged at the top to allow for filling and cleaning. The doors slow down the evaporation of the water as well as keeping it clean. All are furnished with an ultraviolet resistant hanger with swivels, allowing them to turn in a breeze. A gentle touch will cause the many rainbows to radiate around the room, illuminating the far corners with brilliant colors.
The hinged door on the PB7 allows you to clean your Water Prism.

Taos Blue Pyramid Lamp glows soothing colors in all directions.

Soothing Light Magic with Lamps...

Our Pyramid Lamps glow with stained glass and glass jewels and project their unique patterns on the table and walls with vivid colors. Turning the lamp produces a totally different design, always creating a pleasing and harmonious mood.


Glass Mandalas

are handmade using stained glass, glass bevels,
glass nuggets and shaped copper to make airy kaleidoscope patterns
that all can enjoy. When you hang it in a sunny window the beautiful colors
and silhouettes play over the room's furniture and floor.

Uplift your spirit with The Heart and Soul Mandala

Pyramid Jewelry Box that opens to put anything inside it.

Colorful Stained Glass Boxes...
We offer a diverse collection of styles, colors and shapes of jewelry and trinket boxes for everyone. These have long been a favorite at arts and crafts shows and now we've brought them to our website Gallery.




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Our Water Prisms can be an exciting and joyful addition to any Home or office  and will truly affect everyone in a positive way.

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